Future’s today visions

Posted on 29 avril 2008


Anticipation is how future will not look like. Scenarios are anyway a very interesting analytical tool. In the realms of IT, WebOL keeps track of :

– Nokia’s Morph concept, among other demos & scenarios.
– Vodafone’s Future Vision.
– Microsoft’s We see.
– European project e-SENSE’s Audio-visual demos.
– As Wiki-SuperStar states it, Dennō Coil (電脳コイル, Dennō Koiru?, lit. Computer Coil or Electric Brain Coil), Coil — A Circle of Children, is a Japanese animation science fiction series depicting a near future where augmented reality (AR) technology has just begun to enter the mainstream. The series takes place in the fictional city of Daikoku, a hotbed of AR development with an emerging city-wide virtual infrastructure. It follows a group of children as they use AR visors to unravel the mysteries of the half real, half Internet city, using a variety of illegal software tools, techniques, and virtual pets to manipulate the digital landscape.
More to come.

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