Industrial economics

Just to start to begin to sort it out (more to come) :

Journal of Industrial Economics.
– @Google/Books : Economics, organisation and management by Milgrom & Roberts, The Theory of Industrial Organisation by Tyrole.
– Paul R. Milgrom : PM/Web, @Stanford Univ. + Donald John Roberts : @Stanford + Jean Tirole : @IDEI.
Institut d’Economie Industrielle (Toulouse Univ.), Gael (Grenoble Univ.).
@Wikipedia (with all the due precaution).

Transaction costs is a very useful notion, to reflect the asymetry of information in the economy-in-practice :

@Wikipedia (with all the due precaution).
– Olivier E. Williamson : @Berkeley Univ.
– Ronald Coase : @NobelPrize

What about Networks ? The Review of Network Economics is an electronic-based refereed journal that publishes papers on the economics of network industries, whose object is to publish papers that are essential reading for those interested in network economics and related industries.

RNE’s archives.
Netnomics : Journal intended to be an outlet for research in electronic networking, but is it still on course ?
GRIDtoday : Source of news, information and events on Grid and Service-Oriented IT (to be asserted).
GridEcon (namely Grid Economics and Business Models) : European project that will provide an infrastructure that allows end-users not only to consume but also to sell services and resources on the Grid, therefore, creating a new economy in which all end-users can actively participate.
GeCon Rennes 2007 : Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Grid Economics and Business Models.
– Value Networks : Open Value Networks (by Verna Allee et al.), @Wikipedia, Oliver Schwabe’s blog.
– Business Models : @Wikipedia. What problem does this business solve and how does it do so profitably?


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