Typography in motion

Posted on 20 mai 2008


Letters dance on the grid and make your mind readable. Once again, iLT (i Love Typography) invites you in the circle out of WebOL’s one.

TypeSites gives a very interesting insight into iLT. TypeSites, you mean ? Published by Kyle Meyer, it is « a weekly showcase of websites with interesting typographic design. What once started as an idea for yet another generic website gallery evolved into something that gives much more depth than a normal showcase. Whereas galleries simply post generic designs by the bucketload, we strive to showcase only design that can inspire and teach — and then explain it. Staring at a great design can only give so much inspiration. But examining it, being critical, and getting the view of a professional designer can add so much more« .

TypeSites ? Read on the IHT (International Herald Tribune), the New Yorker and more.

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