Build environment + STS

Posted on 22 mai 2008


At the recent 4S conference in Montreal, many colleagues responded very positively to the idea to better network people with an interest at the intersection of STS and the built environment. Thus encouraged, we decided to give this network a more convenient and manageable platform. Its spine is a new mailing list called BESTS (Built Environment and STS).

Its purpose is not narrowly defined but there is no dearth of ideas. It enables all subscribers to disseminate and receive information about new projects, publications, job adverts, events, guest lectures, conferences, workshops etc. to like-minded peers (currently some 50+ people). BESTS is currently moderated by Ralf Brand and Liam Sharratt at the Manchester Architecture Research Centre at the University of Manchester, UK.

– More about it here.
– More about STS @WebOL.