Future of internet

Posted on 29 mai 2008


There is much ado about it (not necessarily for nothing either).

– Vint Cerf on The Internet’s future (3 min), Tracking the Internet into the 21st Century (82 min), Internet, Infinity and Beyond (3 min, Quote: There’ll be much more devices on the Internet that there are people). – Who is Vint Cert actually ? One of the fathers of the TCP/IP communication protocols. Browse @Wikipedia, @ICANNWiki.
Future-Internet.eu : The new web forum to support the European discussions on the Internet of the future is now available. Within FP7, the EU has over 60 projects addressing Future Internet issues. These projects represent a combined investment of over 400 million euros (quote from Duncan Wilson’s Emtech Primer).
– @WebOL : SENSEI, IT category.

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