Virtual Enterprises Conference

The title in long is PROVE’2008 Pervasive Collaborative Networks, to be held in Poznan (PL) on 8-10 September 2008

Collaborative Networks (CN) correspond to a very active and steadily growing area. Virtual enterprises / virtual organizations (VE/VO) are already supported by a large research and business practice community. Also, Professional Virtual Communities (PVC) suggest new ways of work and put the emphasis on collaborative networks of human actors. Further to these main lines, other collaborative forms and patterns of collaborative behavior are emerging. This is not only in industry, but also in service sector, as well as governmental and non-governmental social organizations, e.g. the collaborative networks for rescue missions in disaster situations, time bank organizations, virtual labs, grid manufacturing, elderly care, etc. The concept of breeding environment is now understood as a fundamental entity to enable the formation of dynamic collaborative organizations. (…)

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