Design Crossroads

Posted on 16 juin 2008


Design can be everything from worse to best, from manierism (vulgarism ?) to outstanding feat. Websites about Design are numerous, but very few of them offer a serious editorial quality.

What means Design ? Not merely creating a pure form, assert all of them :
David Report provides a bulletin, an informative blog and selective links (tip-offs, it says).
Lifeiscarbon is all about nordic aesthetic in its largest expression (objects, images, sounds, …).
– For a very personal and sympathetic bridge between North America (Canada) and Europe (Netherlands), follow the steps of Marie-Claude Doyon via Graphisch Ontwerp (Graphic Design).

Furthermore, I am looking actually for valuable contents about typography. It seems that Peter Biľak’s Typotheque may be of interest, but more have to be sorted out, googled, RSSed, trackbacked !

Some gateways are of interest : +
ScandinaviaDesign + NordicDesignNetwork.
Design Museum London.
– More to be found @ Lavoisy/Net (Private > Design + TypoGrapho).

More to follow, to track the way shown by the very first post @ WebOL about Design.

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