Typophile websites

Posted on 23 novembre 2008


How sites should look like ? Jon Tangerine is indeed one of the most beautiful achievements on the web ; Vivien from Inspiration Bit has recently explained why on TypeSite edited by Kyle Meyer (whose personal website, Astheria, is another resource to quote).

Other selections ?
– For the press, WebOL lists Monocle, NRC Handelsblad, IHT and maybe the best of the whole web, mainly thanks to Mark Porter, The Guardian.  Unfortunately, Zeit Online is no more up to its paper edition -which is outstanding-. Le Monde has recently improved -congratulations for that-.
– As an example of corporate website, WebOL praises Arup‘s own, which is of higher quality.
iLT (i Love Typography) is to be lauded to help anyone interested understand what is all about, and much more via WebOL’s TypoGrapho category.

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