Type the grid

The grid system is the basis of sound typography. Mark Potter saying so and giving his praise for 12-column grid, no doubt should arouse about this.

Ellen Lupton, who urges us to think with type, proposes few examples : single-column, multi-column, horizontal anchor, modular. For her, « Grids belong to the technological framework of typography, from the concrete modularity of letterpress to the ubiquitous rulers, guides, and coordinates systems of graphic applications. (…)  Avant-garde designers in the 1910s and the 1920s exposed the mechanical grid of letterpress, bringing it to the polemical surface of the page. In Switzerland after World War II, graphic designers built a total methodology around the typographic grid, hoping to construct with it a new and rational social order. »

Wishing to know more ? Browse The Grid System, which is « an ever-growing resource where graphic designers can learn about grid systems, the golden ratio and baseline grids » : e.g. Why use a Grid ?, The Grid : the  Structure of Design, Setting a Baseline Grid.

Recreational time, perhaps ? Discover some jewels of  Typographic Art on iLT (i Love Typography).

Never tired of typography ? Follow TypOL.

Ad-on : All about The Grid on TypOL.

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