Types in detail

Posted on 15 janvier 2009


Once again, iLT has just invited anyone prone to be interested in it to have a closer and enthralling look at everyday fonts.

Many font-addicted know that fonts may be defined by horizontal lines at different highs : from the lower descender, baseline, midline, caps-height to the upper ascender. But adjust your glasses with Alec Julien to discover metrics tricks.

iLT ? Here is its own silo :
– of typolinks : Directors Club, TypeOff, Typographer, TypeFoundry, the Grid system, Opentype.info, Typblography, John D. Berry, Typophile, FontFeed, Le Typographe, Typographica, Typofonderie, FontStruct, Sites, Fontwerk, Unzipped and Web typography ;
– of links stemming from a general interest about you-know-what : Smashing Magazine, TypeNuts, juststuffifind.com, Swiss Miss, Under Consideration, Coudal, Jason Santa Maria, Design Observer, AisleOne, Jon Tan, Inspirationbit, Daring Fireball, Elliot Jay Stocks, Design View and Designer’s review of books ;
– of a bundle of books marked via Amazon : Designing books (Hochuli & Kinross), Designing type (Karen Cheng), Thinking with type (Ellen Lupton), Elements of typographic style (Robert Bringhurst), Secret history of letters (Simon Loxley), Stop stealing sheep (Erik Spiekermann) and Complete manual of typography (James Felici).

Let’s type in 2009, TypOL would say.

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