Posted on 25 janvier 2009


Les signes diacritiques sont les ornements de langues comme le français : à ç é è ê ë ï î ù ü. La Toile ne fait pas souvent bonne affaire de la diversité des langues, du moins au chapitre typographique.

iLT (i Love Typography) en fait son récent billet On diacritics : « The globalisation of the type market and rising interest in multi-lingual typeface design is a source of great optimism among many typographers. Yet despite the proliferation of these beautiful new typefaces, many still do not support some European languages, let lone cater for African and Asian languages. In fact, contrary to the claims of advertisements, the offering is, in respect to language support, quite limited.

The aim of this article is to explain the fundamentals behind the use and design of Latin diacritical marks (accents) and help typographers make informed choices regarding their use. (…) »

Just read, enjoy, even admire and look at fonts differently

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