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Posted on 10 février 2009


The ZKM in Karlsruhe (Center for Art and Media, Zentrum für Kunst und Mediatechnologie in German) is a worthy institution : « For the development of interdisciplinary projects and promotion of international collaborations, the Center for Art and Media has manifold resources at its disposal: the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Media Museum, the Institute for Visual Media, the Institute for Music and Acoustics and the new departments – the Institute for Media, Education, and Economics, and the Filminstitute. »

For its 20th anniversary, a raft of projects would invite anyone curious to take a ride to Karslruhe. Among others, ArtOL earmarks Mobile Tagging (deutsche Fassung).

& :
Sculptures de lumière (Light sculpture).
Chinese Art Avant-Garde.
Women in (video) art.
Art video.

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