Mobility but with traceability

Posted on 19 février 2009


Good to move in any case, while working especially but much more to that too. This is, as WebOL/IT already coined it, Webbed Mobility.

– IHT’s pages tagged Wireless, at the time of Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2009.
– FT’s in-depth report on Mobile World Congress, in the same context.
– Google’s dedicated blog and the mobile portal, for they are key actors with OS Android. As IHT recently wrote, « The fox in the telecom henhouse« .

Do not forget the switch-off button from time to time and take notice of Netted Privacy (@WebOL). Wireless means a virtual -thus actual- leash, doesn’t it ? And in case of bugs, note those Low-Tech Fixes for High-Tech Problems (@NY Times).

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