The other hand of Adam Smith

Posted on 13 mars 2009


Invisible or not, the hands of many debates have no historical hindsight. Adam Smith is definitively not the paragon of an extreme market bias.

Amartya Sen has just written valuable comments on that myopia : a long version @New York Review of Books, a short version @FT (which currently published a series on the Future of Capitalism).

& :
An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations @Project Gutenberg, @Google Books (1835), @Bibliomania.
– AS @Europeana, @Google Books.,  perhaps the ultimate « Economic History Services web site » already presented @workOL.
– Remarquable article de Marcel Hénaff dans la revue Esprit (février 2002) : « Y a-t’il encore des biens non marchands ?« .
Eco + HistSocEtc. @workOL.