Posted on 16 mars 2009


Let’s speak in a very alien language (TCP-IP, DNS, Future Internet, etc.) to raise a simple straight question : how to throw -or to connect- the myriad of physical objects into the (inter)net ?
@Wikipedia, IPv6 Information Portal.
– Zach Shelby’s blog on The Internet of Things, plus itOL’s own post on the same topic.
– (In french) Point6 propose un livre-en-ligne, en lien avec portail mis en place par l’association G6. Noter la  présentation de l’IPv6 par Commentcamarchet.net.
–  When the Internet Runs Out of IP Addresses, interview of Benjamin G. Edelman (@Working Knowledge/Harvard Business School).
Why the next generation Internet Protocol matters (@Google Public Policy Blog)
More to come.

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