IT-towns of nowadays

A town is tautologically « of the future« . Networked ones are old as ancient times (Antiquity actually): sewage, drinkable water, then pneumatic drains, then phones, etc. What does it now look like at the time of Information Technologies (IT) ? Let itOL introduce the SENSEable City lab from MIT :

« The real-time city is now real! The increasing deployment of sensors and hand-held electronics in recent years is allowing a new approach to the study of the built environment. The way we describe and understand cities is being radically transformed – alongside the tools we use to design them and impact on their physical structure. Studying these changes from a critical point of view and anticipating them is the goal of the SENSEable City Laboratory, a new research initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. »

(Courtesy of Duncan Wilson‘s Delicious stack of links, along which many resources are best bookmarked: his Emtech Primer, his Vimeo’s video selections, his LibraryThing’s readings, etc.).

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