Neiges Snows Muohta

Les lapons (Sámi) ont le sens de la neige, si variée. Au Naturum d’Abisko (60°N en Suède), l’on peut lire ceci :

– Jodáhat : Cold, dry snow of skiing. Skis sink somewhat, but glide easily.
– Skoarádat : The snow is icy, so that the skis make a loud, scraping sound that frightens animals when we are watching the herds or hunting.
– Wahca : Fresh snow that is thin, dry and cold, and snow in tracks. Fresh tracks are easily seen in this type of snow.
– Oppas : Deep, untouched, cold and dry snow. It is easy fo the reindeer to forage, since the snow is light and fluffy.
– Sievlla : Snow that has thawed and is wet down to the ground. You sink right through, the heavy snow falls over your skis. You get stuck easily, so this snow makes it hard to get around.
– Cuoŋu : Sievlla freezes during the night and forms a crust called ‘cuonu’. We move with the reeinder at night and in the morning. When it becomes rovdecuoŋu (iron crust), you can jump on the snow, without breaking through.
– Guottádat : Crusty spring snow that barely carries any weight. The skis glide nicely, but if you tale them off, you sink?

& :
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