Timed monography about the Internet

Posted on 4 novembre 2009


At last !

Thanks to the excellent EH.net portal (Economical History, it means), here is a review of a book about the history of the internet : Paul E. Ceruzzi, Internet Alley: High Technology in Tysons Corner, 1945 to 2005. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2008.

How is technology « rooted in place » ? How do « defense spending, land use policies, highway construction and suburbanization » intertwine ? Read further : « Ceruzzi does a remarkable job exploring the intersection between defense spending, land use policies, highway construction and suburbanization. He ends with a futuristic glance. Edge cities like Tysons Corner today are challenged by larger demographic trends, as transportation systems feel the strain. As people drive through Tysons Corner, they likely don’t see the enigmatic buildings around them, prompting questions about how technology is rooted in place — but only see the bumper in front of them. (…)« .

& :
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