Posted on 3 février 2010


RWI may sound a nerd jargon, but there is more to it. First rephrasing, it is as if artefacts other than computers (and now the so-called smart phones, in contrast with dumb ones ?) would get embedded in a vast web : cars, fridges, etc. It is to be discussed to what extend the term is close to the « Internet of Things« .

Anyway, all stakes not just technical are worth considering.

White paper on RWI (PDF file) from the Future Internet Assembly.
Wiki on RWI, from the Future Internet Assembly as well.
Roadmap for RWI applications, article by many authors including OL.
SENSEI Project + Post by WebOL.
– Topic tagged Designing the Internet of Things for Workplace Realities (WebOL).

(Thanks to ME).

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