Architecture is light over matter, matter under light to create space for all senses. Some works are more gracious than others. Sanaa is now the recipient of the Pritzker Prize 2010 for so elegant reasons.

– The Guardian’s portfolio of S, plus the article on the Rolex Learning Center in Lausanne (in other words, part of the EPFL University) which is simply « mesmerising« .
– The NY Times’s article + resources on S.
– Le Temps’s article on S., plus the previous one on the already mentioned « mesmerising » EPFL building (in french).
– e-Architect’s page relative to S.
– Google’s miscellaneous images of S.
Add-onPost by Martin Filler (NY Review of Books Blog).

& :
Rossignol bâtisseur | Archi-Tele-in-Nord | Vitra | Renzo Piano | Rotterdam.
Matières & Sons (Matters + Sounds) | Sons & Forms (Sounds + Forms).
–  « City » | Architecture (Resources) | All Architecture @WebOL.

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