Media arts heritage

Memory, heritage, digital, art, history quoted randomly… A bilingual (english-français) summit was held by DOCAM in Montréal (CA) in March 2010.

The DOCAM Research Alliance ?

For more than 50 years, the use and integration of technology in art practices has greatly changed the cultural landscape and has prompted us to review and adapt our conservation and documentation methods. The work and results of DOCAM demonstrate that the preservation of media art requires that its particular characteristics be taken into account. The mission of the DOCAM Research Alliance has been to identify and implement five research axes and propose tools, guides and methods that contribute to the preservation of the media arts heritage. The axes are conservation, documentation, cataloguing, history of technologies and terminology.

(Version française)

The Summit in video, in addition to the program and abstracts ?

History of technologies and pedagogical resources
Custom Machines and Conservation Studies
Les enjeux des enseignements sur la documentation et la conservation des arts médiatiques : bilan du séminaire DOCAM
History of technologies in museum curatorial practice
The DOCAM Cataloguing Guide for New Media Collections
The DOCAM Glossaurus
The DOCAM Documentary Model
Towards a Simulative Philology
Metadata case study for the implementation of an open access repository of self-archived media arts documentation
Raconter l’archive autour d’une exposition
Online documentary collections and resources for recorded audience experience
Taxonomies, documentary collections and replay archives: The documentation and research of interactive artworks at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Media.Art.Research
Crowdsourcing Preservation: The Variable Media Questionnaire 3.0
DOCAM Best Practice Guide : Some tools and principles specific to the preservation and conservation of time-based media artworks
Virtualizing Agent Ruby: Collecting Web Art
Media Conservation at the Museum of Modern Art, New York
Art and Food Unlimited? Conservation et présentation d’œuvres d’art éphémères qui contiennent des produits alimentaires
Between organic media and technology. Unstable materials and contemporary conservation
Staging Media Art Installations
La préservation des équipements obsolètes dans les installations vidéo et à composantes informatiques
“Don’t believe I am an Amazon”: The Preservation of Video Installations based on Performance Art
Documenting Digital Art in Small Galleries: The Approach of the InterPARES 3 Project
Is it possible to change the way we will remember it? A journey between ethical concerns and practical strategies of preservation
Performing Technology: the challenges of documenting interactive artworks
Synchoros ou l’œuvre-instrument
Closing remarks

& :
Compte-rendu du symposium « L’histoire contemporaine à l’ère digitale » , Université du Luxembourg, Octobre 2009 (Patrick Peccatte).
– De l’Archivage olympique au sujet du consortium international IPC, l’Internet Preservation Consortium (Jean-Marc Francony).
Digital Art Memory | Digital ethnography | IT art | Art video | Woman in (art) video | Timed monography about the Internet | Europeana | CréArte (WebOL).

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