Typo-ubiquity on web

Posted on 15 mai 2010


Listen to Erik Spiekermann, calling for the typographic freedom for the web. The claim is sound, and it may be within click- (or haptic) reach.

At last web designers are no longer reliant on the established system fonts such as Times and Arial which are installed on all computers. Typographic emergency solutions using Flash or similar technology will also now become a thing of the past. The new typographic freedom is just as important for designers as it is for businesses, who will now want to distinguish themselves on the Web. (…)

It sounds like a dream, what TypeKit offers : the same font layout on whatever platform. Among other examples, Calluna and Museo created by Jos Buivenga (exljbris) are now available for display ; to know more about him & them just browse what iLT published from his interview, what he said at the 33pt Symposium in 2009 as well as his MyFonts interview.

& :
Calluna | Museo (@exljbris).
Webbed fonts | Typography for the Web | Typophile websites | Typographie + Toile (@TypOL).

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