David Hockney

L’âge n’est pas un empêchement pour créer, lorsque l’on a quelque chose à dire. Il nous souvient d’Hokusaï et son chef-d’œuvre sur le Mont Fuji, vers 75 ans ou du pianiste Sviatoslav Richter saisissant à plus de 80 ans dans un concerto pour orchestre (il était voûté en arrivant sur scène, mais transfiguré au piano qui était une part de lui-même, sublime).

David Hockey fait feu de toute brindille ; for example he uses his iPhone to create forms switching from one means to another. The article by Karen Wright, published in the latest summer edition of More Intelligent Life (The Economist‘s quarterly), depicts with a strong empathy and a viral seduction the artistic ventures of DH whose age is over 70.

VENICE 2009 – At the Biennale, sitting outside in the Giardini, checking my iPhone for emails. I’m delighted to discover 24 new messages, all from “DH”, all with attachments. He has been sending iPhone drawings to friends over the last few months while he explores the technology. They are mostly still-lifes, with some sunrises. There is something incredibly free and joyful about these little pictures, and, regardless of the technology and their diminutive scale, they are instantly recognisable as Hockneys. I later discover he does them first thing in the morning while he is still in bed. He has a tiny wooden easel on his bedside table where his iPhone rests at night. (…)

& :
– DH’s only authorized website with works.


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