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Typography is no detail but, once more, a privileged way to show the language. Jost Hochuli is the author of a small and inescapable leaflet about Detail in typographie (the original opus is Das Detail in der Typographie, translated into french as Le détail en typographie) :

Review by The Designer’s Review of Books.
Recension en français by Typographisme.net.
Biblio by Hyphen Press.
JH by Google Images.

The incipit is mouth-watering :

The reading process As experienced readers read, their eyes spring jerkily along lines. These brief movements are known as saccades, and they alternate with fixed periods lasting 0.2-0.4 seconds. (…) ‘The same text will be read at differing speeds if systematic variations are made to the length of line, the size and the shape of the type, and the contrast between the colour of the letters and their background. The size and the frequency of the saccades depends on the form of the printed text.

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