Myriad Type

This type is presented by Idsgn as the new Helvetica, something like the new common look for so many logos and texts : Apple, Wallmart, LinkedIn, etc.

In the early nineties, when typeface designers Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly set out to design a new sans-serif for Adobe, the goal was to create something generic—jokingly calling the typeface ‘Generica’ during its design. “We wanted to make almost a totally invisible type of letter, just very generic… something that really didn’t show anyone’s personality too much,” explains Slimbach in Adobe Magazine.

The two designers worked simultaneously on opposite ends of the typeface, swapping designs, and smoothing out each other’s strong characteristics. “We were always saying to each other, ‘Oh, let’s not do this or that weird thing.’ So we would always fall back on the more obvious optical shape of the face.” As a result, the duo ended up with a typeface that could stand on its own, without reflecting the style of either designer.


In August 2010, Adobe made Myriad Web (along with many other fonts in its collection) available as an embeddable webfont through Typekit.

Will Myriad take over the web next?

Wait and look, maybe try it but keeping in mind at mouse reach other solutions as much appetising (by J. Buivenga, for instance), maybe more.

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