Codex We Love

John Boardley, from iLoveTypography, is the mastermind behind the soon-to-be-released quaterly called Codex Mag. It is set to be a delight :

a journal of ink and paper and texture and type, that embodied the full richness of the subject, whose audience would be people who center their work or their attention on the deeper aspects of typography—or who’d like to. We made an interesting discovery along the way: whether you are a type designer, a professional typographer, an experienced print graphic designer, a serious web designer who wants to craft your sites with more knowledge and care, or even simply someone who appreciates exceptional typography, Codex will be just right for you: beautiful, surprising, academic, yet fresh and lively. (…) Perhaps we’re addicted to the smell of the press, the ink as it richly saturates the miniscule furrows of paper, and oh, the paper and the feel of it in our hands. We don’t know what the future holds, but for now, it holds only print.

& :
Typo ? | iLoveTypography ? | TypOL |  Twitter/@webol/typo (webOL).

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