Internet of many things and more

This note could be called simply Sensei as the code name of a past European R&D collaborative project in IT (Information Technology). 2011 is rife for gathering, maybe weaving, gather some threads :

– The so-called « test fields » : one by Telenor in Norway, another by Ericsson in Serbia.
Sensei ? by WebOL, especially Things of Internet, Real-World-Internet, « The Internet of Things ». Future of Internet as well as IT Business and, of course, Sensei as such.
– The free e-publication about the business ecosystem modelling, based on the SENSEI case. The full reference reads : LAVOISY (Olivier), EURICH (Markus), AKSELSEN (Sigmund), YTTERSTAD (Pål), « Ecosystem modelling to imagine the future of business within R&D partnerships : The SENSEI European consortium building the “Future Internet“ », in CHANAL (Valérie) (ed.), Rethinking Business Models for Innovation : Lessons from Entrepreneurial Cases, [or : Hal], 2011.

&IoT :
Sensinode (FI) | Zach Shelby.
Alexandra Institute (DK) | Mirko Presser.

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