De ogen van Rembrandt

The post should be extended, on the basis of 4 fourths of a BBC documentary by Simon Sama (1hour or so, in all) : just open up your eyes (and ears for the commentary). The secondary source is a blog in french about the flemish-dutch literature (« les Flandres et les Pays-Bas à travers leurs écrivains« ), presenting this book : S. Schama, Les Yeux de Rembrandt, Le Seuil, 2004, trad. André Zavriew.

Furthermore, another opus by Svetlana Alpers (Rembrandt’s Entreprise : The studio and the market, University of Chicago Press, 1995 (1988)) would be targeting a more academic audience. This masterpiece is worth re-reading -more to come ?-. Thanks to the Stanford Presidential Lectures in the Humanities and Arts, the starting point could be an accompanying essay.

& :
Simon Sama (Wikipedia) | Svetlana Alpers’s page (Stanford Univ.).
Art ? (webOL).

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