Gustav Leonhardt

Gisteren is in Amsterdam klavecinist, organist en dirigent Gustav Leonhardt overleden (

Bach et al. are weeping. And the baroque lovers mourn his passing but his teaching & recording will remain. It may be possible to prefer Davitt Moroney or Scott Ross playing the harpsichord, or Philippe Herreweghe conducting, but GL along with Nikolaus harnoncourt have been the grand-fathers of so many of them for a long time. What is online is of limited quality (at least the videos), but our ears and minds would forgive :

GL’s videos (Google) of concerts & masterclasses | GL’s videos as well (DailyMotion).
L’hommage de France Musique (FR) à GL, avec la retransmission d’un concert datant de 1984, aux côtés de Frans Brüggen (flûte baroque) et Anner Bylsma (violoncelle baroque) | In memoriam GL which is wonderful for the ears – Gesprekken over GL with the emotional words of Nikolaus Harnoncourt, in german (
GL (New York Times, 2012-01-17) | GL (The Guardian, 2012-01-17).
GL rejoint Bach au paradis, par Renaud Machard (Le Monde, 2012-01-18) | GL (Nouvel Obs, 2012-01-17).
GL (Oudemuziek) | GL (Guido van Oorschot)

The baroque style in music is supremely modern. The rhythm does not necessarily require drums to beat. This style delivered what is the quintessence of music : the contrapuntal discourse. There has been almost nothing new since the 17th and 18th centuries. The baroque music is today’s one.

& :
Early Music
(Oxford University Press, UK).
J.-S. BachJ.-S. Bach Home Page | J.-S. Bach Central Station | Bach-Archiv LeipzigNeue Bach Gesellschaft (Leipzig, DE) |
Centre de la Musique Baroque de Versailles (FR).
Musique ? Muziek ? Musik ? Music ? (webOL).

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