What photography is about

Incidentally about the Formula One mechanical sport but addressing almost whatever realm, Darren Heath speaks about photography with an engrossing passion and, furthermore, providing detailed insights into what photography as an art and as a practice truly is.

What is shooting a pix ? What makes a photography original ? How do you prepare a shooting ? What is all about to switch to digital in 2006 ? Photography is about the eye and the light for sure, about lens speed & aperture indeed. It is all the more about the feeling of the exact time to convey what the very situation actually means to the photographer. Almost every single minute (hence after 2’08 ») of this video could provide a couple of good ideas to think over :

The 3/4 hour video by Mario Muth (Vimeo, courtesy of James-Allen-on-F1).
DH’s own website | DH on BBC F1 website.
Less dense and much noisy interview of DH, with too swiftly screened pix (YouTube).

This is an outstanding speech for both F1 fans (hear : the turning point stuff and the flowing style of X or Y, the difference from one circuit to another) and photography (writing-with-light it is) goers, which is all the more rare.

In addition, what Colin MacMaster says about Rally photography is not that different, even though the talk with him is shorter, less dense.

& :
Photography ? | Pentti Sammallahti | Photo(n)s (WebOL).
Luc (EcritOL).
BOP (Association Bricolages Ondulatoires et Particulaires).

EDIT – First version in 2013-03.

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