« 100 years of Dutch graphic design »

Posted on 26 août 2013


The former Museum of Graphic Design in Breda, The Netherlands, is now called the Museum of the Image (MOTI). The semi-permanent exhibition space devoted to the history of Dutch graphic design, Grafisch ontwerpen, is worth more than the mere one-shot visit.

Thanks to Vimeo, most of the current video featuring sometimes outstanding interviews are within reach on the Net:
Irma Boom, for book design.
Thonik, for typo-oriented graphics.
Lust, for interactive design.
More down there to follow, and let’s watch out for the MOTI’s Channel on Vimeo. What is missing: Broersen & Lukacs, for animation & video.

TypoGrapho by WebOL | Another valuable discover in the MOTI in Breda, all about editorial design.
Irma Boom20 books featured on YouTube.
ThonikSome of their works featured by IdN.
Broersen & Lukacs.

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