On- + Off-screen

Paper and screen are not worlds apart. It’s been ages since print media was beginning to be designed with computerized tools. Leaning on Editorial design for Print Media (nearby post) tools and challenges, scores of editorial ventures on cellulose emerge and maybe thrive, not only the now well-known and ad-saturated Monocle.

Offscreen Mag intended to switch people off, both readers and interviewees who are intensively, sometimes madly stuck to their e-devices. The magazine is a gem, from the paper to the inking to the fonts (Tungsten Narrow by Hoefler & Frere-Jones, from Issue No6 though + Calluna by exljbris) and, indeed, the lay-out.

At first, it looked a bit nerdy-oriented, with an almost stereotyped design flair: always over-tidy offices, orchard of apple (device) trees anywhere, amazing-people-to-skyrocket-my-start-up. But diving into Issue No6, the scope is a good deal broader, with a larger range of interviewees from miscellaneous horizons. Back to Issue No1, all the texts prove worth reading and reading again to grasp challenges and tricks that are both common and original from, well, the digital-cum-artefactual world, aka our world.

The editor, Kai Brach, is about to find the right tune, at least IMHO. Contents and package are highly valuable to understand some factors for nowadays far beyond « bits and pixels« .

& :
Codex Mag, another outstanding magazine on typography by John Boardley (Cf. Codex we love – WebOL).
TypoGrapho ? | Editio ? – (WebOL, building what would be the DigitEditLab).

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