Myriad Type

This type is presented by Idsgn as the new Helvetica, something like the new common look for so many logos and texts : Apple, Wallmart, LinkedIn, etc. In the early nineties, when typeface designers Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly set out to design a new sans-serif for Adobe, the goal was to create something generic—jokingly […]

Calluna Sans

Jos Buivenga is a gem in the alphabet realms on earth and beyond. Another new 100% free magnificent font (at least for the regular series) is out, along with the gorgeous Calluna and Museo, which is mouth-watering. To know more about him is to read the MyFonts Creatice Characters September ’09  issue. Anyway, – The […]

Typo-ubiquity on web

Listen to Erik Spiekermann, calling for the typographic freedom for the web. The claim is sound, and it may be within click- (or haptic) reach. At last web designers are no longer reliant on the established system fonts such as Times and Arial which are installed on all computers. Typographic emergency solutions using Flash or […]

His favorite ’09 fonts

He (iLT) loves typography, so we do. The selection could be screened here at just a click stroke away : Trilby (David Jonathan Ross), Allumi PTF (Jean François Porchez), Trilogy (Jeremy Tankard), Calluna (Jos Buivenga), Alright Sans (Jackson Cavanaugh), Giorgio Sans (Christian Schwartz), Biographer (Angel Koziupa & Ale Paul), Memoriam (Patrick Griffin), Phaeton (Kevin Cornell […]