Ce n’est pas exactement ici un propos sur la dimension sonore et visuelle de l’architecture qui conjugue, en fait, fonctions-formes-matières-lumières. Le son est un élément malheureusement sous-estimé quand il ne s’agit pas de l’acoustique d’une salle dédiée. Voici plutôt une œuvre en elle-même, une vidéo réussie de Barno intitulée Lumitectura (merci Fubiz). Faut-il réaffirmer que […]

Energy-minded architecture

Sustainable (ie energy efficient most of the time) architecture does not need to be dull. Let’s go to Danemark where « Danish Architects Hvidt & Mølgaard have created a state-of-the-art, energy efficient headquarters for Challenged with reducing the total energy consumption by 25-30% the architects worked with high performance materials and new technology to create […]


Où il est question de fonctions, de formes, de matières & de lumières : – The Guardian. – The New York Times. – Monocle. – Die Zeit. – Galinsky : free service for people enjoying buildings worldwide. – @Lavoisy/Net > Privé/Private > Architecture. – @WebOL : Renzo Piano. (A suivre, A construire, To be built […]

L Architecture

Fonctions, Formes, Matières & Lumières Functionalities, Forms, Materials & Lights Architectes – ArchitectsAAlvar Aalto – Foundation | Renzo Piano – RP Building Workshop | Frank Lloyd Wright – Foundation | Richard Meier – RM & Partners | Jean Nouvel – Ateliers JN | West 8 – Urban design and Landscape Architecture | Rolf Disch – […]

100 H2O

Hundertwasser was a very serious eccentric, an eccentric interesting artist. He was painter, architect and much more. He travelled the world with many ideas and works, and on his lively coloured boat renamed Regentag (Raining day) as well. For him in one of his most brilliant aphorisms, humans have 3 layers ; skin, clothes and […]

Claude Garamont

Ce n’est pas un nom parmi d’autres typographes, non pas forcément le plus célèbre si tant que cela soit utile de faire ce genre de concours de beauté. Claude Garamont est l’un des fondateurs de la typographie, mis à l’honneur pour le 450ème anniversaire de sa mort en 1561. Le site officiel de la commémoration […]

To make a place

It has been claimed here and there that architecture like design is about light, sound and matters. But architectural production is not just artefacts. According to Peter Zumthor as related by the excellent FT specialist, Edwin Heathcote, architecture is to make a place. – PZ’s current Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2011 in London, with extensive press […]

Things of Internet

SENSEI is a recently completed european project on the « future internet« , even a « internet of things » flavour on it. Work’OL did participate in it, and wishes now to earmark the following besides Rethinking Business Model for Innovation (the e-book to which 4 ex-SENSEI adventurers contributed) : – The final audio-video showcase. – The final socio-economic […]

Gerrit Rietveld

Gerrit Rietveld is one major designer of the 20th century, with no single interest but broad output from furniture to architecture. Among pals like Mondrian (Mondriaan, in dutch) and Van Doesburg, he remains one great name of the De Stijl movement in art. His legacy lies in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht (NL). Many people […]