Facebook vs. MySpace vs. ?

Where does all this-more-than-buzz come from ? What stakes are on ? The New York Review of Books published very recently a -long, interesting as usual- article on the « social networking« . Not always far from oversimplification, it recalled the selective origin of Facebook in Harvard and the parallel and opposite history of MySpace. What is […]


Au soir nocturne d’un retour en train passablement en retard, WebOL avait tourné la dernière page. Peu importe que cela fût joyeux ou terrible, le roman était refermé qui l’avait rendu otage consentant. L’intérêt de ce grand livre ne résidait pas dans le seul récit, ni même dans le style mais dans l’unicité de sa […]

Futura Pleasure

Paul Renner created the Futura font (@Linotype.com). His life is recalled in a book written by Christopher Burker: German typographer Paul Renner is best known as the designer of the typeface Futura, which stands as a landmark of modern graphic design. This title is the first study in any language of Renner’s typographic career; it […]

Font Dependence

Font dependence, or typographical abuse, has been rebranded typoholism by iLT, who knows a great deal about what is his own Addict’s Tale. Well, there is no cure if you follow the famous typo-designer, Erik Spiekermann, confessing that (as quoted by John D. Boardley of iLT): I can’t explain it; I just like looking at […]

Doris Lessing

Today (2013-11-17), the news of Doris Lessing’s passing away is known. It is high time to move the following post (2008-05) on top. The following links have just been picked on the fly: DL obituary (The Guardian) | DL obituary (The New York Times) | The Adventures of DL, by John Leonard (The New York […]

Nooteboom Wor(l)dwide

How to write about Cees Nooteboom, so keen to roam around the world and dive into a large bunch of languages? Dutch is not mastered at all, German would be too unstable for a proper post, French wouldn’t be understood if any dutch reader’d pass by. Let’s follow what can be read in Nomad’s Hotel […]