Font Dependence

Font dependence, or typographical abuse, has been rebranded typoholism by iLT, who knows a great deal about what is his own Addict’s Tale. Well, there is no cure if you follow the famous typo-designer, Erik Spiekermann, confessing that (as quoted by John D. Boardley of iLT): I can’t explain it; I just like looking at […]

abc of all

En français, auf Deutsch mais que cela soit écrit en romain ou en italique mais aussi pourquoi pas en amharique il faudrait décliner toutes les formes de la pensée écrite hors idéogrammes. Bref, TypoGrapho parce que WeLoveTypography. Much lauded iLT (i Love Typography) has released a long note on the alphabet (2010-08), introducing its variety […]

Typography made clear

iLoveTypography’s passion, Ellen Lupton’s dedication and Erik Spiekermann’s obsessions (@typOL) are the most frequent threads weaved on the TypoGrapho tapestry. This book by James Felici helps to step forward : The Complete Manual of Typography : a guide to setting perfect type (Adobe Press). Terminology is the start of a sound understanding (as of p.29): […]

Codex We Love

John Boardley, from iLoveTypography, is the mastermind behind the soon-to-be-released quaterly called Codex Mag. It is set to be a delight : a journal of ink and paper and texture and type, that embodied the full richness of the subject, whose audience would be people who center their work or their attention on the deeper […]

Calluna Sans

Jos Buivenga is a gem in the alphabet realms on earth and beyond. Another new 100% free magnificent font (at least for the regular series) is out, along with the gorgeous Calluna and Museo, which is mouth-watering. To know more about him is to read the MyFonts Creatice Characters September ’09  issue. Anyway, – The […]

New-Old Font Caslon

Caslon is a very high legible font for books (« une belle police de labeur« , JNM). Picking from one meadow to another, TypOL harvests here a discussion about authenticity and renovation be it ancient music, painting or architecture : long live, Caslon ! The interest is twofold to the least : for the typo-nerds (at whom […]

Typo-ubiquity on web

Listen to Erik Spiekermann, calling for the typographic freedom for the web. The claim is sound, and it may be within click- (or haptic) reach. At last web designers are no longer reliant on the established system fonts such as Times and Arial which are installed on all computers. Typographic emergency solutions using Flash or […]

Gutenberg in fonts

Gutenberg may hang quite high on the technical heritage tree, the cast movable types being almost over. There are even good, and often bad, reasons to discuss the future of Codex. But the need of typography is not void. From much farther than 15th Century, the necessity to make the language visible -in an altered […]