we Love Typography

Typography is how language looks like, this is the motto of Ellen Lupton in her fascinating book+website called Thinking with Type. Paul Dean, for whom paper is a shrine seems to fully agree with her. Mark Potter puts the drive into action. To know more about of these marvels, iLT (i Love Typography) is an […]

Typography on the road

Travelling abroad enables to view other fonts, other signposts. It is years since TypOL started gazing at the public fonts on signposts. Ralf Herrmann (OpenType.info) does the same with a more sharing process. His posts belong to the series Traffic (wrapped-up in a database) : – France. – Netherlands. – Germany (DIN), the most typographic. […]

Translating is to make love with the world

The newly Works that work magazine, edited by typographer Peter Biľak, offers an excellent interview of Linda Asher, former fiction editor at The New Yorker and translator of Milan Kundera’s French works : Translation is a human exchange (no full access online, though). For a translator, all reading is of course nourishing and essential for a working […]

Typography made clear

iLoveTypography’s passion, Ellen Lupton’s dedication and Erik Spiekermann’s obsessions (@typOL) are the most frequent threads weaved on the TypoGrapho tapestry. This book by James Felici helps to step forward : The Complete Manual of Typography : a guide to setting perfect type (Adobe Press). Terminology is the start of a sound understanding (as of p.29): […]

Codex We Love

John Boardley, from iLoveTypography, is the mastermind behind the soon-to-be-released quaterly called Codex Mag. It is set to be a delight : a journal of ink and paper and texture and type, that embodied the full richness of the subject, whose audience would be people who center their work or their attention on the deeper […]

Typo-ubiquity on web

Listen to Erik Spiekermann, calling for the typographic freedom for the web. The claim is sound, and it may be within click- (or haptic) reach. At last web designers are no longer reliant on the established system fonts such as Times and Arial which are installed on all computers. Typographic emergency solutions using Flash or […]


Why, what, what for ? For typography and graphical related interests : – Typography is what language looks like. (Ellen Lupton). – I can’t explain it; I just like looking at type. I just get a total kick out of it. Other people look at bottles of wine or whatever, or, you know, girls’ bottoms. […]

Typo+Graphic collection

Courtesy of Idsgn, let’s get invited to a typo/graphic poster gallery designed for, quote, « typographic obsessed« . May there be such an addiction ? Of course not… Why should I-You?-HeOrShe-We–You?-They Love Typography ? There is nothing like Font Dependence. Or is there such a thing as « typoholism » ? Eric Spiekermann confesses his crime : I can’t […]

Helvetica Love

A typophile wandering in Berlin, and then a meeting with Erik Spiekermann and you might get hooked… Need more addiction ? There is a film, not a cure for it. – Helvetica (Long) Trailers : Erik Spiekermann, Wim Crouwel, and more. – Helvetica Film Official Trailer. – Looking for Helvetica, by Gary Hustwitt the film […]