Things of Internet

SENSEI is a recently completed european project on the « future internet« , even a « internet of things » flavour on it. Work’OL did participate in it, and wishes now to earmark the following besides Rethinking Business Model for Innovation (the e-book to which 4 ex-SENSEI adventurers contributed) :

– The final audio-video showcase.
– The final socio-economic report called Business models and Value Creation (to be uploaded on day).
– The so-called cookbook, or the Instruction Manual for Installation and configuration of the SENSEI Test Platform in a wiki style.
– The coloured Architecture White Paper (PDF file), or A reference architecture to link the physical and the digital world in the network of the future.
– And the website itself.

& :
– Duncan Wilson (ARUP) ‘s Emtech Primer | Zach Selby (Sensinode) ‘s On the Internet of Things | Mirko Presser (Alexandra Institute)’s IseeTeaInEveryThing (ICT ?).
– European Future Internet Assembly.
SENSEI ? (@webOL).