Digital ethnography

Is this on the digital world, via the digital tools ?

Michael Wesch has released on YouTube An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube, presented at the US Library of Congress (55 minutes, 23rd June 2008).

Previously, he also introduced his collective YouTube Ethnography Project on, yes, YouTube (2007). Many other video materials from him and his students are online : « My videos explore mediated culture, seeking to merge the ideas of Media Ecology and Cultural Anthropology. Currently we are analyzing anonymity and pseudonymity on YouTube, throughout the web, and in the « real world » throughout all times and all places« .

To know more about MW, browse his MediatedCultures site at Kansas State University (US).

& :
IT @WorkOL.
– Thanks to Fabrice Forest from UmanLab for the tip.

Add-on : Doing Anthropology 8-minute-video-explained on MIT TechTV (courtesy of Céline Verchère from CEA/LID).

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